A Little About Me….

I am a mom of 3, a wife of a fireman, and a lover of Jesus! 

After years of staying at home, dreaming up what I might want to do to provide extra income, I started my 6 year journey with Younique makeup.  In 6 years with Younique, reality surpassed my dreams as I led a team of 15,000+ women.  During this time, my passion stretched beyond makeup and I branched out into hair care and wellness products. 

I’ve spent the past couple of years researching and growing my knowledge of products that I love, and therefore, can confidently share them with other women.  Through the production of tutorials, I am able to encourage women to have fun exploring new tools and tricks themselves!  It brings me so much joy to see someone’s face light up because they are so happy with how their skin looks with the new skincare line, or how beautiful their curls look with the new wand…. or even more importantly, the confidence they exude because they chose to love themself in this way.